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Kabi Lungchok

20 km from Gangtok, on way to North Sikkim is the sacred spot of Kabi Lungchok where the pact of blood brotherhood was sworn between the Lepchas and the Bhutias in the 15th century. Nine stones were erected facing Mount Kanchenjunga to witness the treaty of brotherhood between the Lepchas and the Bhutias. To this day the stones stand as testimony to the treaty.

The area is a sacred grove rich with medicinal plants and is the venue for the annual Siqueok Puja, a thanksgiving for a good harvest to the Gods and prayers for continued benevolence. Lamas and Bongthings perform the puja with age old rituals which is participated by large number of people. The Puja falls every year on the 15th day of the ninth month of the Tibetan Calendar, normally corresponding to October.


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