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West Sikkim

Rinchenpong Monastery, Sikkim

Rinchenpong Monastery, Sikkim

West Sikkim is a district in the Indian state of Sikkim. Its capital is Geyzing, also known as Gyalshing. The district is a favorite with trekkers due to the high elevations.

The highlight of West Sikkim is the amazing Himalayan treks in the foothills of Mt Kanchenjunga (also spelt Kangchendzonga). The rolling mountains also offer some “low altitude” treks.

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As for all destinations in Sikkim, the major mode of transport is “jeep”, which refers to the ubiquitous 4×4 vehicles that ply around the hairpin bends. Times can be quite variable depending on road conditions; generally it takes 4-6 hours to travel from Gangtok to Yuksom or Pelling. Landslides and bridge repairs can make this trip take considerably longer. Locals catch the “share jeep”, packing in 10 passengers, which are not recommended for those who highly value their personal space (however these are very cheap).

Considerably more expensive is the “private jeep”, but if travelling in a group this is often quite economical. From some destinations, if a direct jeep does not run, you may have to go via Geyzing, the major transport center in West Sikkim (Geyzing is a short jeep ride down the hill from Pelling).